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Money | A Poem by Kristi Ocampo

Money is the root of all evil.
I stand by this statement.
Do not be bound by the chains the coins carry
Or you may sink into the abyss of worldliness
Where contentment does not exist.
Do not hold on to the bills too tight
Otherwise, you might get paper cuts —
Cuts that penetrate into your soul,
Which causes the left side of your brain to bleed,
And the right side distort into a dollar sign.
Live a simple yet fulfilling life.
See the world.
Walk amongst the people whose tongues are bent differently than yours.
Live without reservations,
Not enslaved by the currency made by men who created poverty.
Do not make it your goal to preserve and multiply wealth;
Instead, breathe to alleviate the woes of the community.
Money is nothing but a retrovirus —
Infecting the host cell, with the ultimate goal of multiplying by
manipulating the genetic make-up of the infected cell
But viruses do not multiply until the cell bursts or until a hole is punched,
And money cannot change people until greediness corrupts one’s soul
and causes it to burst.
Money dichotomizes mankind into rich and poor
When there should only be people.
Since when did this world that could sustain itself become run by
currencies made up by those who depend on it?


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