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Sanity and History | A Poem by Krushna Chandra Mishra

Those born sane and simple to madness and complexities, fell
To wallow in mires of ideologies and faiths that passion has bred,
To create illusions never sustained by reason any time in history,
Since civilization dawned and man groped for light in every tunnel,
At the end of which only a streak was seen till travelling there,
Confirming nothing was found and confounded forever in search and assurances
Into more traps of ideologies and dogmas, they fell to suffer more and to
Think there could still be a way out, and more intense search,
frantically taken,
Should once take them beyond mighty challenges that simplicity in
reasoned ways
Could answer, unravelling mysteries and curing curses that knowledge in covering clarity spent
Created over centuries when papers and ink in billions of tons got
misused to make truth
Take a visage that never used to be its own.

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