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5000 miles | A Poem by Kristi Ocampo

The physical distance between us is immense,
calculate it and it would show you the distance in thousands.
But this is nothing compared to the monumental distance of our
immeasurable as it is made up of myriad apologies and timidities —
Consisting of reasons why we’re not fit for each other,
reasons you have made to conceal the fact that you were just unable to reciprocate.
You want to explore the world,
while all I wanted was to explore you.
You saw me as the girl with ropes and shackles,
while I saw you as the boy with brown eyes and lucent smile.
There are times when I briefly forget,
when the weight of longing is briefly lifted.
But there are also times when I still feel a little bit of pain —
The type of pain that flows through your veins,
distributed from your heart
to all the parts of your body,
responsible for all the functions
and all the restrictions.
The pain that can only be drawn out when a 5-centimeter needle pierces through your skin,
the pain that can only be dampened by more pain.


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