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Coupon Clipper | A Poem by Donal Mahoney

The story goes that
Mrs. Smith who lives nearby
and is quite advanced in years

told Mrs. Jones next door who’s
not so young anymore either
that Kmart is having a big

sale on toilet paper.
Mrs. Smith said she clipped
the coupon in the paper and

bought enough for a year
provided the flu bug
doesn’t bite.

Mrs. Jones said she too
would stock up on toilet paper
but she has to save money

in case she lives till 90.
Her mother lived that long and if
she lives till 90 also, she might

have to buy a new wheelchair.
A car killed her mother in the old one.
Mrs. Smith told her not to worry.

The next time Kmart had a sale
on wheelchairs she would clip
the coupon and bring it over.


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