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A Safer Feel than Yesterday | A Poem by Tony Peter Laing

Sounds like something a pervert would say in conversation, perhaps
during a therapy session in a secure psychiatric unit, reminiscing on how in the past it was dangerous to fondle women’s bums on public transport – you might get caught and summarily beaten up by an angry mob, but these days (in this fantastical environment) it may actually be possible to get away with it.
Perhaps nowadays people are so brainwashed by the rightwing media that they wouldn’t notice they were being molested and would think
they’d imagined it.
It would quite literally be a safer feel than yesterday.

Another way of framing it might be that one is less likely to get
mugged in the modern world, or indeed, with the emergence of
ubiquitous surveillance, that the Police are now far less likely to
use unnecessary force during the course of peaceful demonstrations.

I read things online all the time about how the New World Order and
the Rothschilds in the Bilderberg Group Illuminati or whatever have
some hidden agenda, whereby they plan to start World War Three and massively depopulate the planet, and I hanker after more innocent times, when there was less news about such things.

Then, the world seemed safer, so to say, “A Safer Feel Than
Yesterday” is almost the exact opposite of what I actually have
whirling around in my mind.

But, going back to Demonstrations, I’d say there’s quite
definitely a safer feel than yesterday.
These days I am much more confident that things will remain peaceful, and I won’t get arrested and beaten up in the back of a Police van.


This poem was written during the latter part of a Survivors’ Poetry writing workshop, hosted by the very lovely Razz Poet, at the Hub at 639 High Road, Tottenham, at approximately 4pm on Saturday the 9th of January 2016.

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