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The Beauty of Life | A Poem by Chris Byrne

We do not go gently into the night,
so much is left waiting in the wings
waiting to be discovered.

The world is a limitless place,
Full of wonder and awe,
Timeless beauty for those
who can see it.

For time is a wonderful thing
we all misuse yet seem to waste,
never fully comprehending that
gift of time.

Forever wasting our time,
Pondering always wondering
what time is yet never
truly appreciating the time
we have here and now.

Never seeing nor knowing the beauty
of the time we have nor making the
most of it.

Always wondering about the lost time,
the lost beauty we failed to see,
forever wondering what the beauty of time is,
failing to see the frailties of the beautiful,
a beauty that time encapsulates.

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