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Kindness | A Poem by Krushna Chandra Mishra

Kindness is in unkind ways
A service to people who, in need,
Follow the path of thorns when,
At the end of it, they are given
To see roses all red and laughing.

Ask those who at least once in life
Have been victims of kindness, of
People of image and power whose
Blessings people do not know, take
No time to turn into curses unbearable
Despite the grateful people who, even in trouble,
Hesitate to tarnish the great name that once
Had so magnetically drawn them to people
In good times, when dreaming of more for
Less labour and honesty, people had wanted to
Climb to the sky holding the elephant’s tail.

Embarrassment of kind acts makes them hide
Their faces with their palms, when tear drops
Trickle down in endless streams unheeding the
Prevention posed by the hands or the hanky,
And that tells why it is at times good to
Beware of kind people and their acts that
Touch us to the depths of our hearts in ways
That discourses of kind acts have never found
Useful to cover or uncover for the service of the
Poor and the needy and the hapless and the lost.

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