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A Mid-Afternoon’s Dream | A Poem by Richard-Philip Rupinski

Let us drift, you and me,
Beyond — Straight into eternity —
To where eyes need not see,
And like pearls can gleam
Brightly as the morning sea
Washing along the shore line,
Revealing treasure long-hidden;
Never far, perhaps a tad forgotten

Is it any less treasurable?
Perhaps more… Even beyond measurable:
Now that sand has been uncovered
And this beauty recovered —
But let us not digress…
Lest we act like a congress
And bumble like baboons
Let not depreciation occur
Let treasure’s interest concur
And incur cherishment —
Even if buried under shore —
Never losing any value
Not to this man of sinew…

For I miss my treasure
I miss the pearl eyes
And their delicate sighs…
My love and my pleasure.
Indeed, I miss what salt
Has tried to cover
And make covert
Putting time to fault…
Yes… as I circumnavigate
This poem and its sporadic tone
Like ancient lines in old tomes
Of words that may rhyme with circumnavigate
That may lend meaning
To the overall message
The theme preceding…

Have I told you I love you today?
Love you like Earth loves May
The month of rebirth and life,
Of splendid weather and pipers’ fife ,
That creates a smile radiant
Of a perfect hue; a gradient
Far beyond the most beautiful colour,
Far beyond any god’s favour…
Have I told you I love you lately?

Perhaps some time you may allow me
(In the form of some better rhymes)
To express the most aeonic words
Which like the artist’s palette
Encapsulate exactly how
I feel about you, alone
My dearest darling.

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