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Horseman | A Poem by Vera Ashton

You were a king,
I was a peasant,
Our universe was built around us.

People revered you,
And people ignored me,
It was natural for me to be drawn to you.

One day,
You looked at me,
With the deepest care,
Our universe crumbled.

The images blurred,
The knights revolted,
The princesses envied me,
You embraced me into your world.

You ignored your role,
The world categorized us,
Within months, I felt like I belonged.

Then the cloud dissipated,
I fell to my death,
and landed on a plain,
full of yellow flowers,
and brown horses.

He came near me,
and I jumped on his back.
No saddle,
No bridle.
I rode out,
Into a new universe.
A beautiful land,
with no horsemen,
No princesses,
No kings
No peasants.


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