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Remains | A Poem by Krushna Chandra Mishra

What remains of their labour
Once they are paid the wages?
What remains of the meagre wages
Once in the pubs they are paid?
What from the pubs do they get for themselves
And their poor family members remaining
Waiting for their return home for happy
Times and seasons afterwards, once in passion
In ignorance and troubled minds they move pub-ward
Instead of taking easy smooth fast footsteps back home,
Where life remains to be passionately attended to in
Sweet laughter, pleasant exchanges and merry meetings?

Only the sad remains of their untold lives lay around in this
Graveyard, where they lie deeply asleep as if to get up some
Auspicious morning to return the day’s happy greetings they
Used to have after every evening they squandered their wages
To pubs and gambling and returned home empty-handed with
Hearts full of remorse for the love they wished to be worthy of at

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