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Beethoven | A Poem by Alberto Quero

The saddest man of History I have been.
The cruelest and most disloyal destiny
has been that of mine

All my life,
I battled against sounds
and their combinations;
I tried to decipher
every silence and every melody.

I faced, as only men can
the enigmas of that labor
cursed and sublime
A hundred thousand times I got entangled
within that science pugnacious and elusive and beautiful
but in the end I understood about major and minor scales,
arpeggios and counterpoint,
I knew what is a seventh and a diminished
And after such a struggle,
on the top of delirium and exhaustion,
I thought I knew everything about songs and harmony
My pleasure became the tussle itself
But it was all in vain,
for one day,
and I had not even died
I could not keep on fighting anymore

From Alberto’s award-winning poetry book, “Los Que Vinieron,” published in Spanish by Negro Sobre Blanco Editions. Caracas, Venezuela, 2014.

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