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Cortázar | A Poem by Alberto Quero

I just wrote life, che.
I wrote it crudely
to its minute details,
with its repetitions and its spirals;
I wrote the cities and love,
I wrote the helplessness and the friends
I wrote silence and hope
I just wrote life, che:
It is you, who reads
(life, not me)
it is you who has to believe
that it is easy to live,
that it does not hurt us.

From Alberto’s award-winning poetry book, “Los Que Vinieron,” published in Spanish by Negro Sobre Blanco Editions. Caracas, Venezuela, 2014.

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3 thoughts on “Cortázar | A Poem by Alberto Quero

  1. Delano Johnson

    Dr. Quero,

    Your work is truly inspiring and has so much potential. I have had the pleasure of reading your work on previous occasions and I appreciate your talent and rich diversity. Much respect to you and I wish you the best in your writing endeavors.

    1. thepoetcommunitythepoetcommunity Post author

      Thank you for sharing your thoughtful work, Alberto. Glad to have your poems on the site. Cheers, Guy.