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One Day | A Poem by Jurg Friedli

One day, a day will come
I think that day is near
the pieces of my life
will join and become clear

One day, when you will ask
me places to recall
I know that I will say
despite, I loved them all

One day, the phone will ring
and then I’ll hear that voice
reminding me of love
mixed up with hope and choice

One day, we’ll meet again
my girlfriend long ago
we traveled all the world
that time, I loved you so

One day, I’ll realize
the people, that I know
they weren’t just good friends
they actually made me grow

One day I know I’ll pay
for what I have done wrong
who knows if I had known at
the time I wasn’t strong

One day, when I will die
the day I will not know
eventually I’ll cry
before I have to go

But then again I smile
when reading what I wrote
no reason to be sad
I played it, note by note.

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