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Lesser Temptation | A Poem by Ken Allan Dronsfield

Streams of ethereal dreams
while lost in the crimson bayou
a weeping willow serenades
an ominous decrepit mansion.
Cartwheeled off through Hell,
left cowering under the lamp
in the old voodoo swamps
of misty heartless sanction.
Quaking within the freeze
or perhaps a new disease,
left shirtless and bereft
in the cold without ration.
Stuck within the embrace
of a shadowy woman’s arms;
ghostly visions singing of
shattered pious abdication.
Waking within the fantasy,
still reeling from the reality
whispers from fractured doors
and deeds of lesser temptation.
Casting glances are bestowed
ringing down the singing hallway.
Marie Laveau dances peacefully to
a sonnet of high righteous inflection.

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