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Hearing Voice | A Poem by El Sane Ken Silencer

A time…
I hear the voice
Of an old friend, calling
Of an old life, luring.

A time of sages
Painting and reminding
Me of the old garage
Where we were resting an’ rumbling…

A time telling me
How we have left, going
Still, to let all who died be
The finely finest voice reminders…

A time inutile
We have left our halcyon days
The joy that would have lasted long still
Died to become a bitter coda to our today…

A time crafting, the voice of love
to my mind
how we used to spend half-
nights, wake and
feel better stronger
everyday, it whimpers.

A time that asks
“Are you happy renouncing
in silence what you were?”
White confidence, I keep
answering ‘I was…!’

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