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Text Me Home | A Poem by Blanca Alicia Garza

We live in such a strange and unkind world.
Where you can stand beside a thousand people
but feel completely invisible. Where a cold shiny
screen can make you feel close to those who
are far away, but make you feel far away to those
who are closer. Where conversation turns into text,
relationships are just a status and friendship a rivalry.
Where we live to work and not work to live.
Where people are like zombies staring at their phones
and completely ignoring all that happens around them.
Where you can take a picture of food while ignoring an
image of a starving child. Where Family turns into
strangers and strangers into family. Welcome to the
21st Century, where technology has surpassed humanity.

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3 thoughts on “Text Me Home | A Poem by Blanca Alicia Garza

  1. Leslie DeLuca

    May this poem knock some sense into those who need it; everywhere one looks, it is a blatant truth needing to be seen. Well done Lovey, and congratulations.

  2. Dave Smith

    OMG Blanca. This is a truly awesome and beautiful poem, that contains my true feelings COMPLETELY. Great job, my sweet friend. Please post this in “Love Poems.”