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Flavors of My Mind | A Poem by Ken Allan Dronsfield

Contempt in a shaded gray
virtuous omnipotent pinks
rally through the green ivy
vines of feted consciousness.
Vanilla violet paths follow
the blood-red rivers while
blue-black chambers ignite
white flying herds of nerds.
Preposterous nerves on fire,
graciously curtsy to a queen
of tangerine smiles all the while
kicking a yellow ball of dreams.
I’m a dark silver starlight orb
bouncing through the galaxy in
a purple frock mocked by Odin.
Righteous blame, red once again.
Holler from a mountain of shame,
on a whirling grain of golden sand
a sufferance of pious blue proclivity
Banging drums in a peppermint band.

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