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The Changing Face of Beauty | A Poem by Richard Kalfus

Thank you Barbie
For looking more like me.

Just one more time I must be
That ugly girl in the mirror
For all to see.

I hear their taunting words
“You’re just too fat.”
Don’t you see that?”

So go ahead and laugh at me
Awkwardly doing sit-ups
While you continue to leer.

Who would think that Barbie
Would came to my aid
in time of late?

Once more I look in the mirror.

New Barbie has worked her magic
How fantastic!
I see a different girl
so clearly.
Why it’s merely me?
bringing into focus
a new acceptance
of the real girl to be.

All should take note.

Why all the fuss?
You forgot to look beyond the outside
For you must
discover my world inside.

A kind and caring girl am I
Who visits the nursing home
where old Mrs. Foster
marvels at my beauty
And loves my sense of duty
Never forgetting what I mean to her
and she to me.

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