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Parted on the Path | A Poem by Krushna Chandra Mishra

I think
Quite a long time ago,
Somewhere in stately ways,
We met to dream of uncounted years,
Of healthy togetherness,
Offering each one help, hope and hands
To create in times great monuments
Of human relationships
To inspire silent generations
Into singing the praise
Of love and life and letters,
Catching the fleeting rays
Of plenty, prosperity and peace
Till the world long-lying dull
Stirs into forging bonds
Of friendship, fraternity and fortunate unity
Lest any time in gross unthinking
We should part on the path,
Forgetting that on earth
We stand tied to our destinies,
Inseparably since birth,
And afford we can never
To tear this planet’s gifts to tatters
Leaving a sad grey smoking universe
Dead because of our deadliest actions.
We fools think we are intelligent
To destroy a future spanning vast eternities
That we think belongs to others
Whom we must deprive
Because we don’t like.
This earth’s resources should be shared equally
Among all those who have genuine needs
Since our ever-bulging stomach of greed
Cries for ever for more
Than we could get,
Snatching resources belonging to others
And making them crying miserable wretches
For smoking and dead eternities
Stretched over uncounted millennia.

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