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Beautiful Things | A Poem by Chris Byrne

A smile so simple will make the world go round
never knowing, for a smile could mean so much,
making someone’s day unknowingly.

Just that simple touch, a kind pat on the back,
making someone’s day or one of those loving
kind embraces that make one feel alive.

To be alive is it to feel, to see never knowing,
or is it to embrace; To have, to hold
with all our souls.

A kiss; so sensual yet so simple, a joining
of kindred spirits lost in a moment,

simply being, just being alive,
A feeling of being alive, an understated
beauty, We all know and feel yet
most of us are afraid.

To see, to feel, to love and to live.
That simple thing that is within
us all.

A hidden beauty we keep
inside from those we
wish could see.

I’m a cabinetmaker from Dublin who likes to write poems that inspire. See my work published at: and

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