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Egotism | A Poem by Blanca Alicia Garza

The alarm clock chimes
5 a.m. and another day starts
by sorting through the good
and bad that we have to
deal with every single day.
The unkindness of some
brings me fear because
egotism is certainly
the special of the day.
People walking by staring
down at their phones without
looking where they are going.
I wonder what kind of world
we will leave our children
if this one is falling apart.

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2 thoughts on “Egotism | A Poem by Blanca Alicia Garza

  1. Donal Mahoney

    The poet makes a very valid point but in this coot’s opinion the world has been falling apart since the Beatles’ time frame, with no reflection on the Beatles intended. It just seem civility was slain along with a lot of other now-scoffed-at traditional values. I was there then and remember being startled at first, then numb, and now not surprised by anything exept few taking ISIS seriously enough. All the best.