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Being Human | A Poem by Chris Byrne

Broken, flawed and ignored;
stitched with good intentions,
hearts full of greatness,
love and kindness.

For to see, we display
the sorrows and pains
that make us.

We hurt; we feel
we’re human after all,
flawed yet alive,
never perfect.

Imperfective beauty
shining deep within,
full of frailties,
sadly hidden.

From those we
wish could see,
our inner selves
we keep hiding.

Why, we wonder, it’s
just human nature,
being human is
to feel, to live, to love.

To love and be loved
is being alive, feeling
worthy to be human,
flaws and all.

Ones that make us
uniquely individual,
never quitting
being human.

Alive, feeling it all:
the good, the bad;
being alive, full of
love and life.

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