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Nothing | A Poem by Katt Gold

“I love you,” he said.
“But you don’t,” I replied.
“I do,” he said, “I’ll do anything to prove you wrong.”
He lied.
Just like all the others.
Once he discovered the damage,
found the baggage,
he checked out just like all the others.
Found an “easy” mate.
You know the kind,
No challenge, no passion.
Give me the messy,
Give me the damaged,
Give me passion.
I want none of your lackluster dreams.
I am wild,
I will not back down
And I will not shut up.
I am loud and proud.
I never let anyone close.
I’ve never let anyone know me.
I keep all of what I feel to myself.
I won’t be discounted or treated like less.
I won’t be your little doormat.
You won’t use me as a napkin for your distaste.
I am soul.
I am passion and color.
I am the wind in the trees.
I know no limits, no boundaries.
I am everything to the extreme,
And I am nothing all the same.


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