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Hunger in the Night | A Poem by Deeya Bhattacharya

The night in our garden
is intense but fragile
the misty moon atop the dew
ceaselessly flowing into each other

The night in our garden
is full of longing
sucking up the vortex of thoughts
flowing like a river

The river in our garden
is full of silky fragrance
severed like cubes of ice
perched on our hunger

The hunger of the wind
on moss, ferns and potted plants
the hunger
in tales of lost love

On hungry nights like these
in our lit-up porches
we cook consciousness
which binds our thoughts
to skin and sylvan pitfalls.

Deeya Bhattacharya hails from the industrial town of Durgapur in West Bengal. She is published in many national and international magazines, e-zines, websites; in print and in Anthologies including,, Contemporary Literary Review, Langlit, Criterion, Poetry World; Journal of Literature in English, Gulbarga University; All-Round Monthly (Faridkot), and children’s literature site Dimdima, In print: Contemporary Vibes (Chandigarh), Tajmahal Review, Harvest of the New Millenium, New Academia; Subaltern Speak: A Journal Of
Postcolonial Studies; The Sunday Hans, and international mags like Tuck, Oddball, Dissident Voice,, and Duane’s Poetree blogspot. She’s visited several poetry fests and teaches English and poetry in a government sponsored high school.

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