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Committed, Rev 3 | A Poem by Ken Allan Dronsfield

I laughed in their faces
as I committed to flight
within the dimmed night
of a vast swirling haze
sprinkled with delights.
Awaken a spirited grin
from a darkling gaze;
a chalice of warm gin
and unicorns danced.
We all recited a ditty,
“Race your dragonfly;
Grasp a shooting star;
Whisper to the Moon;
Dance with the Fairy.”
Your Devil warms up
on the Summer’s grill.
The dissident from hell
begets jollies here still
I missed the bugle call
whilst dipping my quill
as I escaped in fright of
a soulless zombie bite,
in the eve of a raucous,
contemptuous dead night.

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