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It Could Be Important | A Poem by Donal Mahoney

Paddy Dineen
enjoyed good health
till his heart gave out
while filling his cart
in a health food store.

He woke up later
in an ICU and said hello
to a couple of stents
and a pacemaker.
Not good news.

Then his eyes went bad
and he agreed to have
his cataracts removed.
A bit of an inconvenience.

Next, his ears gave out
so he went to an audiologist
who suggested hearing aids.
Paddy said he’d take two,
wrap ‘em up.

The doctor said they’d work
better if he brought his wife in
so the instruments could be
adapted to her voice.

Paddy said he had no wife.
He lives alone and likes
his TV loud but wants
hearing aids because
he talks to himself
and wants to know
what he has to say.
It could be important.


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