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The Infidel | A Poem by Michael Marrotti

I awoke from my
living nightmare
into your American

I sense a void
wider each
passing day

A contempt
for this world
and forfeiture
of hope

This is as good
as it gets
and that’s not
good enough

For the sake
of the self
I lost
long ago

I wish to see
in my lifetime
the downfall
of a system

That’s bred
a multitude of
and disdain

To be replaced
by a new generation
of benevolent souls

Willing to be
the change
that is needed
The sacrifice
to benefit
the all


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3 thoughts on “The Infidel | A Poem by Michael Marrotti

  1. Stan Petrovich

    Bernie Sanders has done one thing and that’s shown that Americans might not be as terrified by socialism as we assumed. Sure, like capitalism, it has its problems, but I’m all for granting it a limited chance.