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The Untitled Flag | A Poem by Rohit Sagolsem

What will be the color of our flag? When mankind is united
Will it be green? Will it be blue?
Will it be red or just transparent.
I wonder if the flag will bear a symbol.
A united fist or the symbol of yin and yang
Describing not one nation but humanity as a whole
Men will sing one song about
Our mother earth, our so-called beloved home
Men will raised the flag high, reaching every heart and soul
Respecting every caste, color and religion
Men will love endlessly and share bread
Children will grow up happy and strong
No parent will beg, no child will be sold
No child will be killed, none will sleep empty at dawn
Every mother will see her kids grow up
Living in a lively world with no war or hatred
We’ll walk to the isle together till we meet our fate
The only question that remains,
Will we be there when the flag of one is being raised?

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