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Game for Fools | A Poem by Rohit Sagolsem

Look, look, they have done it again!
Bombing mercilessly, they have killed the innocent
In the name of peace, they have turned the river red
Life to them is a mere game of chess
Where the innocent are the pawns, destined to die
Calling themselves patriots, they have made the sky dark
Achieving happiness, sacrificing the innocent
Ruthless acts making them proud
Restoring peace by firing inhuman bullets
Life on a platter, the situation is the same anywhere
Man will perish if this killing goes on,
Stop differentiating men based on their color
Don’t forget the color of blood will remain the same
Men, such fools killing one another
When everyone can live in peace, why create chaos?
If I say, let’s go to war, will you listen more?
Please don’t be a fool, we all want peace
There will be no we to tell the tale
Of how we men lived and achieved true happiness.

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