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Untitled | A Poem by Rohit Sagolsem

Have you ever lived in a place where gunshots occur every day
Without hearing a bang? Where you don’t even have water?
I have and I have moved on from that place
In search of harmony and a virtuous land.
Have you ever seen your brothers or sons beaten half-dead?
I have, my family was scared and they sent me off.
I had learned the basics that my teachers taught but
I couldn’t find life lessons and I remained stopped like a clock.
Life presented a turning point and it is now where I stand,
Man, the supreme lord in the food chain,
But I can’t tolerate the injustice among men
The poor will remain hungry, the rich healthy,
You with many faces, come forth, don’t show me your back
For you are the coward with a clown face
You in the crowd, you make families suffer
Sons and daughters at home waiting for their mother to cook them supper, some wait for their grandmother to come home
Your stomach will be filled with fame and gesture
The children will need food in order to thrive
You will name it a socialized society
But the irony will be a ‘vandalized young heart’
Stepping on the empty stomach, you will call yourself the man.

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