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Ships of Evil | A Poem by Michael Kagan

Bones in the sand
from the shores of history
the curse of the pointless point
the dog slinks back to the underbrush
he can see the blood in its teeth
fearing the virus
in the darkness of it’s mind

it has cut all ties
with love and trust
knives clutched in
dismembered hands
death awaits the madness
hate filled expression
in a leaking coffin
the trees cannot sleep
they hear the screaming
through their leaves
standing in caustic rain

an old dead volcano is stirring
it has angered the
oceans of magma
burning rocks and
blocking the sun
all disappears in it’s molten path
nothing will grow
for one hundred years
the birds and animals weep
it has shaken the
very nature of things

with bellicose vessels
and sails of black
sorrow exploding
from ugly flags
shutting off life
and the light in the eyes
beautiful dreams
run off and take cover
living forever
before the after.

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