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Trump | A Poem by Marcus Severns

He was a brilliant man
With an IQ of 94.

He had lost most of his money
In poor business.

His college failed,
His casino failed,
His past two marriages failed,
But he was a winner.

It was in his blood to succeed.

He knew how to make America “great again.”

It wasn’t so much different than
Any other plan
Any leader had.

Only, it didn’t favor the corporations
Who were too big for America alone.

It favored his own businesses.

If he bombed China, and made the factories
Based in America, then the money would stay
On the continent.

If he threatened to bomb Mexico
If they didn’t build a great wall
For tourists
Then he would make money from
His hotels and gift shops on the border.

If he threatened South Korea
To move their manufacturing plants
To the US, then they would have to do that
At a loss.

World war three is no consequence
When failure is not an option.

After all
He is a winner.


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