The Poet Community


I’m poet Guy Farmer and I started this site to give thoughtful poets worldwide a forum where they can share their work.

I write poetry because I have a constant stream of ideas and feelings coursing through me that I am compelled to fashion into verse. I love to explore the human condition in all its majesty and folly.

I’ve found that poets understand what it is to create something from nothing. We take the abstract or non-existent and make it a tangible thing. We tend to live away from the black and white world of safety and security, preferring instead to explore the places others avoid.

Poetry means everything to me. It’s a way to celebrate who I am as a person and share it with the world. I can express anything I want, from my happiest moments to my deepest sorrows. Ultimately, poetry is my way of living as the real me.

Thanks for visiting. Your comments are welcome and you’re cordially invited to read my poems as well as submitting your poetry for publication.