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Autumn Will | A Poem by Debra Sasak Ross

Autumn will come
Trees will bow down
Layering their colourful leaves
On the ground.

Winter will come
Snowflakes will fall
Covering the city
In a blanket of white.

Spring will come
Flowers will bloom
Filling the hearts of loved ones
With joy.

Summer will come
Swimming pools

Autumn will return

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Debra Sasak Ross is a published author from Chicago, IL. She loves thunderstorms, blizzards, reading and writing. She hopes to complete her Master’s Degree in Creative Writing one day.

My Unsold Dreams | A Poem by Krushna Chandra Mishra

Know now I am firm
and I have a dream to sell
I’ll sell it you know
before I know
I am very sure to go
from here
and for ever.

Do you not think
you will find time
to ask me now
why I am determined
to sell this dream
before I leave?

You know like ever
there could never be
a dream with me without
you, I could weave and grow
and I know you know
no need is there then to ask
if one or more of those
dreams to be sold are
still lying pending with me.

In the Cold Storage of Patience | A Poem by Krushna Chandra Mishra

I have no patience
to wait for you to say No
to my requests for the many
thousands of things you
never have time to ask Why about.

Do you think now
when time stands still
and I don’t have stamina
in me left to disturb you
into accepting all my nonsense
demands and obstinacies,
I will gather patience to
submit in all coldness to
all your No’s and answer
all those Why’s you find now
lying in your store unused;
over years I remained strong
and made you feel
my strength is all that
matters in this world entire
for you for which in wisdom
you kept them all in the backyard
of your relationship with me?