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Save the Children | A Poem by Bonnie Burka Shannon

And we all said, “Save the children!”
He was born to a mother
Who didn’t want him
And to a faceless father

And we all said, “Save the children!”

She was moved
From home to home
Her mother wanted a chance
But couldn’t care for her

And we all said, “Save the children!”

He has no one
To depend upon
Or defend him
No one to be his friend
To save him

He barely remembers
Each new address
Or each in a series
Of new schools

And we all said, “Save the children!”

She was beaten and bruised
Her self-esteem zero
That she awakened
Each morning
Was a miracle
And a torture

And we all said, “Save the children

He acted out
In every home
And in each school
As if to say
How far can I push you
Before you
Abandon me too

And we all said, “Save the children!”

Once there was a boy
About to be adopted
But he was hospitalized
For no apparent reason
And the adoptive parents
Got scared and left

And we all said, “Save the children!”

Once upon a time
There were many
Throwaway children

And we all asked
Are we saving our children

From 1981 to 2006, I worked for the Los Angeles Unified School District as a psychologist and administrator of District Psychological Services. As an LMFT, I trained medical personnel in disaster preparedness via a FEMA grant awarded to Harbor UCLA Hospital and provided pro-bono bereavement counseling to those whose family members were dying of various forms of cancer and other disorders. Additionally, I earned a certificate in gerontology. Currently, I facilitate obtaining mental health services for the aged and others who need mental health or educational support services. I provide consulting services with regard to mental health needs/referrals and the education of regular education students and those with special needs. I have a great deal of experience as a presenter specific to at risk youth, including, but not limited to, suicide prevention, intervention and postvention (i.e., what services to provide after a completed suicide). In addition to having obtained a license as a Marriage and Family Therapist, I have Master’s degrees in Reading/Special Education and School Psychology and obtained a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. I have written poetry most of my life.

When Will Mummy Return | A Poem by Isa T. Hassan

Smugly draped in mortal darkness
She bade a familiar farewell
And named the date of return
There were no hazy hints
On that morning of departure

She was brought back
By a wailing ambulance
To the wailing welcome
And the mournful faces

The children still rush out
Chanting ‘mummy oyoyo’
Each time a car stops
By the bereaved homestead
Hoping mummy has returned.

Your Fighting Game | A Poem by Krushna Chandra Mishra

Then just call me
if you feel I’ll be of help
or go your way and
face the world the best
that you think you can
unaided by the world
as you’ve now come to see
the time you tell your woes
to others to get friends to set odds
right for you, the same very moment
your own already gathered strength
shall leave you and to the depths of
same debilitating fear and weakness
you’ll find yourself being hurled into with
the listeners around you merrily cutting
jokes that you thought they in your need
would help you unknowing of their nature.

I don’t say you withdraw
I only say you fight
keeping the fighter’s spirit on
knowing your own battle you
have all alone to fight
no matter if people around
are to your worst discomfort
sucking out from you your
splendid zeal to settle your eyes
on the goal ahead
and waver not till you’ve achieved
the goal in an endless winning game.

Baby Girl | A Poem by Debra Sasak Ross

She walked the darkest, lonely streets at night
Because she couldn’t stand the pain;
The pain of her cheating husband
Who had impregnated another woman.

She waked the darkest, lonely streets at night
Looking for answers,
Answers she never found.
The only answers she found
Were people who worshiped
A glass pipe
And more men who cheated on their wives.
She lost her family.
She lost her life.
She lost herself.

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Debra Sasak Ross is the mother of four children. She loves thunderstorms, blizzards, reading and writing. She hopes to complete her Master’s degree in Creative Writing one day.