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A Tale of Istanbul | A Poem by Amanda Larasati

The magnificent Bosphorus smiled at me cheerfully
And the dazzling Kiz Külesi stood in the middle of it profoundly
Beyond it, the majestic Topkapi palace allured me in enchantment
Subsiding all my devastation and resentment

While strolling around, a spellbinding building captivated my attention
I found out Sultanahmet Camii was its name
The manifestation of mankind’s intellectuality and outstanding progression
An epitome of splendour that looks ravishing, graceful, and sublime

Istanbul oh Istanbul
The glorious city where mighty civilizations were established
The witness of how victory was prodigiously accomplished
Encapsulated through blood, sweat, and tears
In the pursuit of dignity and peace

Istanbul oh Istanbul
Sparkling beautifully each day and night
Reviving my spirit with felicity and delight
Redeeming the agony and despondences
To abolish all my inflictions and cries

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Wordless Apathy | A Poem by Finn Aberlour

Blank expressions.
Empty, fading words.
Brittle and
meaningless actions.
Without pain,
I would feel nothing,
and that’s not living.
scruple, faltering doubt.
Have I done enough,
to be loved?
Or to be pitied?
Hoping I deserve more,
but I try not to think
about that.
To love is to be loved,
faltering, I still try.
My wordless apathy,
driving, exiling
my connection to this
I can’t go back.
I can’t.

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Capital Steps | A Poem by Judy Moskowitz

Let me walk you
down the long
dark hallway
where voices are muffled
caught in their throat
diminishing a human being
crushing faith with a warning
let me walk you
up the hill where the powerful
flex their muscles
wearing thousand dollar suits
alligator shoes
above suspicion
let me walk you
through a conscience
in a deep state of sleep
undressed for the world to see
a time bomb exploding
and the world goes round and round

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Robin | A Poem by Steve Denehan

For four decades death was a stranger to me.
I empathised, I offered my shoulder but I did not really know death.
Then, this year, death came.
An uncle, an aunt, another aunt, a friend.
Death came, they left.
The clink of tea cups and teary smiles.
Cold and waxy sunken cheeks.
“No more pain now Dad”, my daughter tells me with her smiling, bun-filled mouth.
She is four years old.
She is right.

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That Girl | A Poem by Bonnie Burka Shannon

You know the type
She wears her heart
On her sleeve
Feigning enjoyment
As she assumes
The interests
And activities
Of the man
Of the moment

She falls in love
Too fast
Too impulsively
Seeming astounded
When she is ghosted
Or betrayed
By the guys
Who ditch
Once again

She remains
The queen
Of diminished self-esteem
And foolish yearnings

Disappointment lingers
As her middle name
Depression her
Pervasive wardrobe

To relieve her discontent
She writes
A guest column
About her
Love life
For the LA Times

Astounding herself
By its reception
She gets
Multiple hits
On the web
She will
Never learn

Doomed to repeat
The errors of
Her ways
She remains
That girl

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