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Joshua Chen

A Girl That I Loved | A Poem by Joshua Chen

My body moves, Goes where I will
But wherever I am, My heart stays still
Each time I think of you, I’m filled with joy
If you haven’t entered my life, it’d be nothing more than a toy
At times I feel like I’m falling to the depths
Yet you’re always on my mind, Always in my head
Sometimes I fall so hard , My heart feels broken into two
But when I wake up, I feel alright
Because I’ll picture that I’m beside you.
All I know is that I love you so, So please do not ever let me go.
Life may be tough being with you,
But what would my life be without you.
I’ll never stop or let you go,
As I might be amongst the clouds by tomorrow.
I’d do anything to make you stay
Because life without you would be so grey.
My heart is pure towards you,
As pure as snow from an angels view.
You know these words are forever true,
And I’ll never want anyone else but you.