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Judy Moskowitz

Capital Steps | A Poem by Judy Moskowitz

Let me walk you
down the long
dark hallway
where voices are muffled
caught in their throat
diminishing a human being
crushing faith with a warning
let me walk you
up the hill where the powerful
flex their muscles
wearing thousand dollar suits
alligator shoes
above suspicion
let me walk you
through a conscience
in a deep state of sleep
undressed for the world to see
a time bomb exploding
and the world goes round and round

To Whom It May Concern | A Poem by Judy Moskowitz

Where is the voice of provocative thought
a three and one half octave range
with high decibels of courage
did it burn out in the forest
with all the other body parts
melting an atrophied present and ruptured future
where is the voice that would rise up
sing the hallelujah chorus
turning instinct into action
thrill an audience of one
into a crowd of reason
truth and fact not confused
inside a book of fiction
another brand born to deliver
sleek and slick

yours truly
a once conscientious objector

Total Eclipse | A Poem by Judy Moskowitz

A falling star on the edge
of the dark side
wants to know why
in an endless quest
leading to brown grass
when the world dies
will love live on
in an open sky
hands outstretched
ready to do it right this time
or when love dies
nothing moves forever
not even small creatures
the wind has turned its back
hair starts to fall dead on arrival
like falling snow on my pillow
in my vacuum
counting each strand
in my poem

In Reverse | A Poem by Judy Moskowitz

There is a certain kind of ugly beauty
that relaxes the body and numbs the brain
the taste of smooth vermouth
a slow swallow that takes you to
the traditional place of escape
until that day when past becomes prologue
you’re stuck in reverse
history looks at you with a confrontational smirk
making you quiver
knocking you to the ground
turning you inside out
dragging you back
to the ugly truth