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Ocean | A Poem by Peyten Conn

My thoughts are like the ocean, they push and pull me in deeper into a dark mass of nothing but openness and, out of nowhere, it just comes crashing down like a huge wave.

Engulfed in your crystal blue waves, entangled in your seaweed, I inhale your sand and lavish in your sun

I look up at the sun, the warmth fills my lungs and at last I can feel what’s been burning inside me.

Sitting in the dark, feeling the waves crash against my feet, slowly they take me under till I no longer feel the need to breath.

Running, feeling your sand under my feet makes me feel like I no longer need to look back and see the footprints I’ve left behind.

I’m scared to drown but I’ve always seemed to stay afloat, even when the waves came crashing down

The sounds of the swooshing waves drift me off to a place of peace, a place of silence, a place where it seemed as if couldn’t be touched.

Looking out at a sea that seems to never end, white clouds as far as I can see.

I look up and see all the stars, the sound of the waves distracts me from the silence.

Snow | A Poem by Steve Denehan

New Year’s Eve. The worst night of the year.
Twinkling lights, clinking glasses.
I don’t care.
It is hot and there are too many people.
My face finally rebels and will no longer smile.
My laugh, despite my efforts, is hollow.
We count down and bells ring.
One day becomes another.
Everything changes.
Everything stays the same.
Duty done I take advantage of the noise and slip away.
I emerge into a side street, dark, cold and quiet.
I smile at the falling snow.
Before walking away, I close my eyes and look upward.
The snow falls on my face.
Each flake on my cheek a cold kiss unrealised.

Intuition | A Poem by Maria Baidoukov

Only temporary
The train never ceases to track –

A bird.
Incandescent (and fleeting)
Among the dull mortar of a man’s building –
(The colour of muted jade porcelain)

Of Stone
Clocking solar movements to resemble a hedge –

Of trees.
Ever still
Waiting to shed at the first glimpse of fall –

For her
If she withholds her soul from reach –

In a dream
To conquer fear of unknown land –

On solid earth
Unknown to those who cannot see –

An ocean.
Fills the void
Between his touch and her consciousness –

An omen
Foreshadowing the ripple effect on human –

A collective knowledge
Felt like the fiery coals of passion –

Rings true.
In the tolls
Of ritual bells that bring us closer to –


Butter Side Up | A Poem by Steve Denehan

I dropped a slice of toast today and it landed butter side up.
As I stooped to pick it up I could not stop smiling.
The day no longer loomed before me.
It stretched on, without horizon.
A straight line of possibility.
Butter side up.
Perspective shifts, the world tilts toward me.
Some day to come I will ask myself how such innocuous moments can matter,
so much more than they should.
But not today.
Today, there will be no more questions.

Perspective | A Poem by Suleyk

Sounds of humming resonate throughout the room.
I listen.
The light above starts to flicker.
I stare.
A cold feeling crawls up my spine.
I breathe.
My vision shifts.
I align.

The room is suddenly bright.
Sunshine filters through the window.
The sound of planes and daily life continues outside.
My eyes are heavy.
I struggle to keep them open.
The fan on my desk blows air swiftly around the room.
It feels nice.
Yet the world soon grows dark.

I awaken to a hum.