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Windsor Knot | A Poem by Donal Mahoney

Do you remember how
to tie a Windsor knot
the way your father taught you
on graduation day
in eighth grade

the man who wore a tie
twice perhaps at most —
on the day he got married
and the day he was put to rest,
the same tie for both events.

Then almost every day for 40 years
you tied that Windsor Knot
because office attire required it.
Now you haven’t worn a tie
since the day of your retirement.

You’ll need that knot
twice more for certain —
as pall bearer for besotted
Uncle Pat and for yourself
the day you’re buried.

Both days your Windsor Knot
had better pop out right
or the ghost you don’t believe in
may drop by to show you
one last time how to tie it.


Doesn’t Sound So Bad | A Poem by JD DeHart

Doomsday doesn’t sound so bad
after all

If the neighborhood is no longer
overrun by what seems to be a league
of feral cats, if they all perish

If the radio gains some silence
and we have more than a crackle
of signal lost to keep us enamored

If there are still rivers where we can
sit, even with two heads instead of one,
basking in an atomic afterglow.